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I'm a professional baker, reader, bookseller, publisher, columnist, photographer, cook, hiker, kayaker, freelance writer, and workaholic who likes to garden

American Standards/Jazz SWINGTIME DUET 10/19 from Saugerties Pro Musica

With a show entitled My Blue Heaven, which is also the title of their new CD, Saugerties Pro Musica is proud to present Terry Blaine and Mark Shane in a return to their duo roots as Swingtime Duet. My Blue … Continue reading

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Ferncliff Fire Tower hike is a perfect way to start the day

This is one more reason the Hudson Valley receives 4.75 billion dollars in tourism every year – it is beautiful! The fire tower is just off Rt 199 in Rhinebeck, and the gentle walk in – less than a mile … Continue reading

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Wedding Bills – does having more disposable income mean gays have to throw it away?

society’s widespread acceptance of same sex marriage has more to do with money than progressive enlightenment Continue reading

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Stovetop Paella to Serve Hot or Cold

I’ve been saving a recipe for Couscous Sao Paulo Style thinking someday . . . Well, someday came last week, but before I made it I changed the recipe so much that there is nothing Brazilian or couscous about it. … Continue reading

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Chasing the Rose – a brief review

Chasing the (fragrant) rose “A rose by any name smells as sweet” – Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 1594 When Andrea di Robilant wrote “Chasing the Rose: An Adventure in the Venetian Countryside” he was continuing the chronicling of the Mocenigo … Continue reading

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2014 begins with hope

And by  ‘hope’ I mean Hope Farm Press & Bookshop. My 55 yr old publishing company/book store specializing in New York State books has been getting short shrift over the last year while I spent more time cooking and pursuing … Continue reading

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My Examiner article on the ETC Travel Conference The AP style 3rd person account of the travel conference examining the statistics and trends on US travel to Europe into the 2020s. It include photos of the event (including the party … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Center Loft & Garden

That’s me, drinking Prosecco “Z” like there is no tomorrow (there was!) with the spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral behind me. On May 9, 2013, I attended the first ETC (European Travel Commission) Transatlantic Conference in 3 years. It was … Continue reading

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When is ‘a good day to die’?

I always thought that it is a good day if you can sit up in bed, take a deep breath and put your feet on the floor. But, what type of day is it when the next thing you do … Continue reading

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Saugerties Pro Musica Concert this weekend (1/20/2013)

A letter to our patrons: Greetings allWe trust you all survived the Holidays with only minor cases of the flu (Is everybody SICK?) Anyway, if you feel well enough, this weekend’s concert with the Strawberry Hill Fiddlers promises to be … Continue reading

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