Hope Farm Press March ’11 NY Books Newsletter

2011 March Vol XIII Issue III

New York State Books Newsletter

from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press



Things are picking up. My 24/7 secure shopping card is working pretty well, but too many folks think I only accept checks. They miss the PayPal TOTALLY SECURE credit card payment option where you don’t have to be a member of paypal to process the order in the fastest way. Otherwise, my shopping cart will let you pick Library rate for mail, but you have to be a Library to get Library Rate. Also, it sometimes forgets to charge NY residents sales tax. If you live in NY you know you have to pay it. Obviously, I’m still working out the bugs, so thanks for your patience.

I’ll be in Manhattan (shop not open) Thursday March 24th, otherwise, the shop is open Tues through Sat afternoons 12-5 until Spring, with my apologies for the inconvenience.

ONLINE 24/7 http://www.hopefarmbooks.com



#To Recap the last six months: My old ISP went bankrupt last fall, tying up my domain name and closing my web store for 3 months. Sales are only now getting back to normal (post recession normal). Then my system locked up with a debilitating computer virus in November, so I had to get a new laptop to continue. The result . . .

#I find myself devoting more time to my writing and my cooking than I do bookselling. I will always have a bookstore, whether brick&mortar and web, or just web-based, but it can’t be my primary income at this point. We will see what the future brings. Meanwhile, I’m healthy, I have enough money to pay my bills, and I’m doing things I love to do. I wish you the same.


Price Increase



OUT-OF-PRINT or Out-of-Stock indefinitely

Horse and Buggy Days in New Paltz

Netting Your Ancestors Genealogical Research on the Internet

Susan Beecher Woodfired Pottery

Iron Mine Trails



____Germantown Methodist Churches Columbia County (#289)

Vital Records 1859-1909 (Baptisms, Marriages, Probationers & Recorded Deaths) $10.00

____Adirondack Rock A Rock Climber’s Guide

By Jim Lawyer and Jeremy Haas. The new comprehensive rock climbing guidebook to the Adirondack Park. It includes all technical rock climbing routes and boulder problems from all known crags and boulders located on public land within the Park. 1900 routes on 240 cliffs, 350 boulder problems, 200 climbing photos, 115  cliff topos, 90 approach maps , 60 aerial photos and 21 essays make this the Ultimate rock climbing guidebook.  5.5×8.5 652 pages photos (both b&w and color) maps, charts. $36.99 Paper

____The US Campaign of 1813 to Capture Montreal

By Robert Sellar. Subtitled: Crysler: The Decisive Battle of the War of 1812, the book recounts the US and the British attempts to capture Montreal. This facsimile reprint of the 100 yr old original marks next years’ Bicentennial of the War of 1812. 5×8 40 pages b&w maps & drawings $4.95 Stapled Paper

____The Holland Patent: More Than a Village 1797-1997

By editors Joan Klossner & Carol Moseman. Published for the Village’s Bicentennial in 1997, this collection of articles about the village history from all sources to combine into a comprehensive historical account. 8.5×11 200 pages photos, maps, illus, index Paper $14.95

____Place Names of Franklin County, NY – Their Origins and History

By Harder & Poole. An entertaining and valuable resource for not only researchers and genealogists, but for the interested layman. 5.5×8 380 pages b&w photos  Paper $24.95

____Memories of Inlet

By Letty Kirch Haynes. The author’s family history stretches back to the early history of the town. Chapters about early hotels, steamboats, children’s camps, recreation and more, help to describe this Adirondack town on Fourth lake in the Fulton Chain of lakes. 6×9 152 pages photos Paper $16.95

____The Iroquois Confederacy – History & Legends

By Emerson Klees. This is a history of the Native Americans to the Northeast and the evolution of the Iroquois Confederacy, including a brief history of each of its six nations, with legends and personality profiles. 6×9  320 pages, photos, maps, Index Paper $16.95

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