be good everywhere you go

I’m a freelance writer whose services many countries use.
I wrote an account of actions that should bring deserved recognition to one of the very capable employees of Air Europa and Global Security Associates. It happened last year, but I flew Air Europa to Spain again this week and found out I needed to resend this material. This year I did not fly business class, but I want to believe I would have the same helpful service in coach.
“My savior, the smiling and waving woman from the Air Europa check-in, works for Global Security. Her name is Dalin Persaud. She wouldn’t accept a tip, just a thank you. Then she told me to get a cup of coffee before I got in my car, and wished me a safe journey home. It was like having your mother pat you on the head and tell you everything will be all right. My disaster of a trip was bookended by the kindness of strangers. I’m a very lucky guy to have flown Air Europa.”
When I arrived at JFK on 4/10/2011, the ticket taker said that he was informed I would be checking in. (!!)

Then, the security guard I wrote about last year:

spotted me and introduced me to her boss. (So THAT’s how the ticket-taker knew!) They moved me to a more comfortable seat on the plane (!!! I didn’t know security could do that) and when I got on the plan they came in to see that I was comfortable. They were there when the door closed (waving goodbye) and when I arrived back in JFK last night they met me when the door opened.
Sweet people.
Another reason to be good everywhere you go – AND – to do business with companies that hire capable people. In this case, Thank you Air Europa for hiring Global Security Associates and making my flight a success.


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