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2011 May Vol XIII Issue V

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Madrid was fantastic – 3 weeks ahead of us in warm Spring weather. The horse chestnut trees were in full bloom – truly a beautiful city and experience. Next week I’m off to France to cover a another big gastronomy event. Hope Farm brick & mortar Bookshop will be closed from the 10th to the 17th of May. Sorry to miss you. I’m also working most Tuesdays & Thursdays for the regular baker at Hudson Valley Dessert Company, ( 6AM to 2PM ish) so Sun through Tuesday & Thursday each week will be catch-as-catch-can at the bookshop. The rest of the time I’m here from noon to six (or so.)

Meanwhile – I’m getting good at putting books online for you to order and download no matter where in the universe I am. They are PDF files, files most electronic readers (Kindle, etc) can read, and are easily read on your computer.

ONLINE 24/7 http://www.hopefarmbooks.com



#Peter Force brought out his greatest work, the monumental volumes known as the American Archives. As originally planned, the Force project involved the publication, in twenty or more folio volumes, of important original materials of American history from the seventeenth century through 1789 — official documents of various kinds, legislative records, and private correspondence of special significance. The work was begun under contract with the Department of State, under authority of an act of Congress. The six volumes of Series Four were published from 1837 to 1846, and by 1853 three volumes of the Fifth Series had appeared. These nine covered the years 1774-1776. At that point the work suddenly stopped; Secretary of State Marcy refused to approve Force’s plans for the completion of the undertaking, and no more volumes appeared. They are now available as electronic books.


Download Files: it is the same process as ordering a book or CDROM – EXCEPT – there’s no shipping or sales tax! Once you’ve finalized your order click on CHECKOUT. Pick your payment method, either Check or Credit card, and finish. When I receive payment, I’ll send you a link to the order page where the Download link is activated. Click on the title and the file will download to your computer. The largest books may take 15 minutes, the smaller ones a minute or two. You don’t have to wait days & weeks for the Mail anymore!

Once notified, you’ll have several days and download attempts to get it right, but it is so simple I’m sure you’ll make it the first time!



 pf401  Peter Force 4 series Vol 1


 pf402  Peter Force 4 series Vol 2


 pf403  Peter Force 4 series Vol 3


 pf404  Peter Force 4 series Vol 4



 Peter Force 4 series Vol 5


 pf406  Peter Force 4 series Vol 6



 Peter Force 5 series Vol 1



 Peter Force 5 series Vol 2


 pf503  Peter Force 5 series Vol 3


The Concise History of Ulster County

____ The Concise History of Ulster County


Before the county with its Irish name and English Government came into being, the heart of the region which it covers was making history under the Indian narme of Esopus and the supervision of the Dutch Government. In the territory now covered by the city of Kingston, the combination of converging Indian trails, a safe harbor for sloops, river valleys and fertile, cleared lands, brought traders and settlers during the seventeenth century; brought also the liquor traffic, flashing tomahawks and fire brands, and two wars which nearly wiped out the early settlements.
So begins the only modern history of Ulster County. Written in 1946, this (200pp book if I printed it) history covers all the townships, all the major industries, and all the important people up to World War II. It even includes a full-color map of Ulster County. To read the chapter on Ulster Communities.  This is fully searchable in Adobe pdf file $8.50

PAL01   Palatines of Olde Ulster NEW Edition   $5.50

____Palatines of Olde Ulster


By Benjamin Meyer Brink. A Reprint of 8 articles from Olde Ulster magazine on this early group of Hudson Valley settlers to whom we owe so much. Not just our names, such as Myer, Dederick, Overbaugh — but our work ethic and belief in freedom from oppression. These early pioneers were sturdy, sensible people. It amazing how many genealogists from all over the country can trace their roots back here through them!  Besides the chapters on the Palatines who settled on both sides of the Hudson near Saugerties, there is a chapter on the Palatines of Newburgh and one from the Journal of Conrad Weiser – the trusted Indian negotiator during the French and Indian War who eventually settled in the Dutch region of Pennsylvania. New Edition includes the list of names of the settlers of both East and West Camp, compiled for the Saugerties Historical Society’s Palatine Monument. This is fully searchable in Adobe pdf file $5.50

___The Centennial History of Erie County, New York CDROM

A chronological history of this far western NY County. A fully searchable electronic text with original pagination and index – to read traditionally and search electronically. $9.95

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