Hope Farm Press June ’11 NY Books Newsletter

2011 June Vol XIII Issue VI

New York State Books Newsletter

from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press




France (Dijon & Reims) was fantastic – great food, champagne & burgundy. I even videotaped a few minutes of a light show broadcast onto the front of the 800 yr old Reims cathedral – it was amazing! I posted it on facebook.

In two weeks I’m off to Portugal to cover a big wine tasting. I will only be gone for the long weekend of June 16-19. Then, the next weekend I’m away from June 24 to 27 for a 50th high school reunion in Maine.  Hope Farm brick & mortar Bookshop will be closed those days. Sorry to miss you. But, http://www.hopefarmbooks .com is open 24/7. When I’m in the country I’m still working Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday for the regular baker at Hudson Valley Dessert Company, (6AM to 2PM ish) and Thursday through Saturday I cover for the regular cook. What started out as a 2 half days a week job is now full time. I’m having a blast, and really dusting off skills I haven’t used in decades, but it means that hours will be catch-as-catch-can at the bookshop. I’ll try to be here Weds 12-6 (or so) and after 2 pm other days, but it is a rough schedule, especially with my traveling.

Meanwhile – I’m getting good at putting books online for you to order and download no matter where in the universe I am. They are PDF files, files most electronic readers (Kindle, etc) can read, and are easily read on your computer.

ONLINE 24/7 http://www.hopefarmbooks.com



#John Ham has a few new paperback books coming out on the Stony Clove Railroad and the Tannersville Catholic Church. He promised them for next month, and said they are under 50 pages and will sell for $10 each. Look for them here.



To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, two new books were released:

___Charlie’s Civil War

By Charles Brandegee Livingstone. Subtitled: “A Private’s Trail by Fire in the 5th New York Volunteers – Duryee Zouaves and 146th New York Volunteer Infantry.” Using richly descriptive letters, the author presents the story of one young man from his enlistment in the 5th New York Infantry (Duryee Zouaves) through  the 146th, including his capture at the Wilderness and imprisonment at Andersonville and Florence. It is a valuable depiction of the common soldier’s experience in the Civil War. 6×9 241 pages index, maps and b&w photos Paper $19.99.

____LOYAL HEARTS Histories of American Civil War Canines

By Michael Zucchero with a foreword by Patrick A. Schroeder.While many exotic mascots were adopted by Civil War soldiers, dogs were the most common. Their loyalty and affection helped many a soldier through the trials and tedium of combat. In this book, the author tells the stories of such famous dogs as “Dog Jack,” “Harvey,” and “Sallie,” as well as lesser known canines. For every documented dog in the field there were a dozen others unreported. These 19 chapters represent the most extensive work on Civil War Canines and should be in every dog lover’s library. 6×9 184 pages, 57 photos, index Hardcover $25.00

One Author – 2 NEW Hudson River Books!

____Steamboats on the Hudson River

By William H. Ewen Jr. form the Images of America Series. The Hudson River was the cradle of American steamboating. While many people think of steamboats on inland rivers like the Mississippi, the type of steamboat that evolved on the Hudson was far more typical of those that operated throughout North America. From Robert Fulton’s steamboat through the last steamer on the river almost 170 years later, these boats were an integral part of the life and commerce of the Hudson River valley. Whether it was a huge 400-foot side-wheeler, a small freight boat, excursion boats, or a ferry crossing, almost every river community was served by a steamboat. In Steamboats on the Hudson River, the author includes a wonderful selection of images, many never published before, from his personal and family collections, the Hudson River Maritime Museum, and other private sources. 6×9 129 pages b&w illus Paper $21.99

____Steamboats on the Hudson River in Postcards

By William H. Ewen Jr.. In this collection of vintage-photograph postcards, William H. Ewen Jr. explores the river’s steamboat past. 15 pages Paperback $7.99

PETER FORCE AMERICAN ARCHIVES – the most important books on America’s Colonial history NOW available individually as digital files:

 pf401  Peter Force 4 series Vol 1


 pf402  Peter Force 4 series Vol 2


 pf403  Peter Force 4 series Vol 3


 pf404  Peter Force 4 series Vol 4



 Peter Force 4 series Vol 5


 pf406  Peter Force 4 series Vol 6



 Peter Force 5 series Vol 1



 Peter Force 5 series Vol 2


 pf503  Peter Force 5 series Vol 3



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