HYDRO-Fracking – some questions

Hydro – of, pertaining to, or furnishing water

If the liquid used in hydro-fracking is just water – OK – I don’t have a problem with it. BUT, if “hydro” is a misnomer for carcinogenic chemicals in a proprietary mix (read that undefined and protected by law) with water, then I’m against it.

With so much gas available, why can’t we use the safe technology we have to extract some of it without polluting our groundwater? Why do we have to poison our environment to get all of it? Won’t maximizing our output (and profits) also maximize the dangers of harming people?

Why are only 2 municipal watersheds in New York protected from fracking? Why not all of them? Why not mine?




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I'm a professional baker, reader, bookseller, publisher, columnist, photographer, cook, hiker, kayaker, freelance writer, and workaholic who likes to garden
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