All Modesty Aside

Writing Your Own Bio Isn’t Easy

Recently I was accepted as a contributing journalist for the travel website One of the hardest things I had to do to achieve that status was write my own bio. I’m a quiet, reticent, guy who doesn’t like to brag, or even hang out with people who do. But, I had to set all that aside and just inflate myself for their readers. Tell me, How did I do?

Richard Frisbie is a columnist, freelance journalist, professional baker, publisher, bookstore owner and historic preservationist who likes to garden. No, he doesn’t have ADD, just a high energy level and an inquisitive mind that can function on very little sleep.

Richard is a prolific writer who was born and raised in Saugerties, New York. For seven years he wrote the weekly column “Main Street Views” for the Saugerties Times, and the bi-monthly “Village Politics” column for the Saugerties Post Star. In fact, as an occasional reporter for both weekly newspapers, he holds the distinction of having above-the-fold front page stories in both papers in the same week. And they were different stories!

Richard also had his own weekly radio show on local AM radio (45,000-60,000 listeners) and was a frequent guest and co-host on another. His video interviews of local authors have appeared on local access TV. His photographs regularly appear there as “wallpaper”.

During those most prolific years, Richard had a large used book store open seven days a week in the heart of his hometown’s business district. Then, he down-sized his bookshop to leave more time for travel writing.

These days, Richard travels abroad 5 or 6 times a year researching wine and food articles when he’s not baking and cooking at the nationally acclaimed (Chef Paula Deen did a show from there) Hudson Valley Dessert Company. His primarily web-based fifty year old New York History bookshop, Hope Farm Press, fulfills his historic preservation interests. That, and chairing the Historic Review Board in Saugerties Village, which has a 25 year old, 8 block business district on the National Historic Register.

Richard has assured us that he’ll be writing on diverse subjects for, but his basic love is culinary writing. He is thrilled to be associated with the prestigious stable of writers here, and especially to join his friends John Clayton and John Blanchette as a contributing member of such a top-notch team. Many of his articles also appear on,, and EDGE Publications, the largest network of print and web LGTB publications in the world.


About richardfrisbie

I'm a professional baker, reader, bookseller, publisher, columnist, photographer, cook, hiker, kayaker, freelance writer, and workaholic who likes to garden
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9 Responses to All Modesty Aside

  1. I had some trouble writing my bio as well. But, there’s nothing wrong with being honest and straight-forward about your accomplishments! I think it sounds really good. And, you should be proud. Sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. TechieChef says:

    Kudos Richard, you are so talented.. manage so many skills at same time… I am proud to be a just chef and engineer only 🙂

  3. Thanks! Some days I feel like a juggler, techieChef. Some of the balls are in the air and some fall . . . HA! You have a nice combination of talents. Unusual, even. Congratulations!

    • TechieChef says:

      I understand Richard. We all juggle so many responsibilities pf our life every day. Moto, is no ball should fall 🙂 As you said in your post, even I also do not like to brag about what I am and feel inspired to see people doing even far better then me 🙂 but all modestly aside ;), here is my website, I designed and developed it and also adding my chef creations in it. Never thought I could do that before my husband encouraged me to….

  4. TechieChef says:

    Richard, thanks for leaving comments on my website for “Butter Chicken”. Let me know how you like it (if you get chance to cook it.)

  5. Anita Mac says:

    Wow – sounds awesome. You have quite a diversity of interests! Good job – I have never had to write my own bio, but I can’t imagine it would be easy!

  6. Start practicing – the opportunity kind of sneaks up on you and then WHAM you need one. Especially as such a good travel writer – be ready. Thanks for the visit.

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