I write cruise destination excursions for places I haven’t been . . .

Begin your tour this morning with a scenic drive to Le Castellet, a typical Provencal hilltop village. Perched on wooded hills above the vineyards, this remarkable stronghold was formerly owned by the Lords of Les Baux. It features well preserved ramparts, a carefully restored 12th century church and a castle dating back to the 11th century.

Entering by the two fortified gates “Le Portail” and “Le Portalet”, you will start your visit with a guided walking tour around the narrow streets leading up to the Castle.  At the summit you will discover that the restored castle is now home to the town hall.

Following the guided walking tour, you’ll enjoy some time at leisure to explore the arts and craft workshops the village is known for. In their various shops, painters, potters and hollow-ware artisans display their crafts and offer them for sale. Soon it will be time for lunch.

After shopping and sightseeing, you’ll rejoin your fellow travelers to dine at La Farigoule, a Provencal style restaurant considered an excellent luncheon destination.

After lunch, rejoin your motor-coach for a short scenic drive which brings you to the Domaine de Souviou where you will tour the vineyards and taste the local wines. Besides the 32 hectares (80 acres) of vineyards producing some very fine wines, Domaine de Souviou has 2500 olive trees that produce a rare olive oil.

In the 16th century, the “Domaine” was the property of the Bonasse, a well-known Provencal family.  Over the years, stone terrace walls were built to organize the planting of additional vines and olive trees, resulting in the beautiful “stepped” landscape before you. Domaine de Souviou wines are highly praised for their quality and originality. The red, white and rose you’ll taste are sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Following your tasting, it will be time to take the scenic drive back to the pier and your home away from home.


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