Hope Farm Press September ’11 NY Books Newsletter

2011 September Vol XIII Issue IX
New York State Books Newsletter
from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press

August is a blur of sunshine and gardening capped off with an earthquake and hurricane. What a month! Power is back on and losses were at a minimum, especially compared to Hurricane Floyd! I wish you the same, and hope everything is fine for you and yours.

Besides the 4 full days a week at Hudson Valley Dessert Co, I have a client in NYC who sends me cruise port tour descriptions to rewrite into proper English. I did over 400 of them last year, so that’s a couple a day (on average) to keep me busy in the bookshop.

Unfortunately, they come in over a 4-6 month period and all need to be done AT ONCE! I’m beginning them for 2012 now. So –  I’m buckling down — no trips planned for this month or next (so far) although I’m still at the bakery more than I’m here. But, http://www.hopefarmbooks.com  is open 24/7. I’ll try to be in the shop Weds 12-6 (or so) and after 2 pm other days, but it is a rough schedule, especially with my bakery hours.

#Two primary Catskill Mt and New York State Publishers (Black Dome Press & Purple Mt Press) are located at NY’s ground zero for Hurricane Irene – the Catskill Mts. – Fleishmanns and Hensonville (near Windham.) Please join me in wishing my colleagues a speedy recovery from the massive flood damage.

#Bill Rhoads’ “Architectural History of Ulster County” will be coming out in the fall. It’s a big book, (something like 350 sites are covered) and very, very good. Rhoads is an excellent author.  This is a Black Dome publication, so given the weather, some delays are possible.

#The new (free) booklet produced by the Lower Esopus Watershed Partnership to make sure officials and the community know why the Esopus is so important was published in conjunction with videos on YouTube of the entire length of the creek taken before this week’s devastating flooding. Who knew how soon we’d be nostalgic to see them?
None came in – I’m sure a fall crop will be out for the traditional Holiday Sales. So watch this spot next month.
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I'm a professional baker, reader, bookseller, publisher, columnist, photographer, cook, hiker, kayaker, freelance writer, and workaholic who likes to garden
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