Hope Farm Press October ’11 NY Books Newsletter

2011 October Vol XIII Issue X
New York State Books Newsletter
from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press

September flew by – or should I say poured by? I’ve never seen so much rain and flooding in one month (after another!) Hurricane Lee washed through just after Irene, and the rain hasn’t stopped since. Luckily I filled the barn with dry(ish) firewood before Irene, and my porch just before today’s rain, but, the wood is as damp as the air continues to be. Unless you’re in PA, water doesn’t burn. I hope some dryer weather settles in for October so the firewood will dry.

I was planning on being here all month. There are Fall chores and all the cruise tour descriptions to write. Still, it is hard to decline some invitations. (You know where this is going) I’m now scheduled to be away, reviewing luxury hotels in Spain, Oct 22-29th, but I’m reminded of the old saying – “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans!” We’ll see what the month brings, but for now . . .  I’m still at the bakery more than I’m here. But, http://www.hopefarmbooks.com  is open 24/7. I’ll try to be in the shop Weds 12-6 (or so) and after 2 pm other days, but it is a rough schedule, especially with my bakery hours.

#Kinship Books has a new fulfillment company making and packaging their genealogy books. It should expedite shipments from the previously typical month or two to a more acceptable week or two. I’m hoping for the best.

THE HUDSON from Troy to the Battery

by Capt. Stanley Wilcox & H.W. Van Loan. The Captain combines his 30 years experience on the Hudson with Van Loan’s passion for the river to create a tour guide/travelogue/history of New York’s most important river. Anecdotes, factoids and snippets of history wrap around small pictures of the highlights of a journey from Albany south, with the websites and contact info given for every location. A comprehensive and fun reference book you’ll want to read. $17.95 180 pages Paperback 9×6


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