Hope Farm Press February 2012 NY Books Newsletter

Hope Farm Press February ’12 NY Books Newsletter

2011 February Vol XIV Issue II

New York State Books Newsletter

from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press



Strange “winter season” we’re having. I had a Great Blue Heron on my pond on Jan 25th! Granted, there was still much ice on it, but the Northern edge was clear and he walked along the shore looking for food the way he does all summer. I thought they migrated south … apparently some do, others don’t. Or, at least didn’t this year! Otherwise, it is a relief not to have to spend energy shoveling snow, or money on a snow plow cleaning of the driveway.

 Just so you know how I stay so busy – I volunteer my time as the chair of the Saugerties Village Historic Review Board overseeing a 28 year-old, 8 block National Historic Register District and the Waterfront Historic District. I’m also in charge of publicity and promotion for Saugerties Pro Musica (includes web work http://www.saugertiespromusica.org) and occasionally I’ll do design/editorial work for various not-for-profits in the community. That’s all for free.

To earn an income I’m contracted to one of the largest packagers of cruise destination tours, writing approximately 400 tour descriptions each year between waiting on customers while I sit at my desk in the bookshop.  Finally, I’m at the bakery (Hudson Valley Dessert Company) more than I’m in the bookshop.

But, the website, http://www.hopefarmbooks.com,  is open 24/7. I’ll try to be physically in the shop Weds 1-6 (or so) and after 2 pm other days, but it is a rough schedule, especially with my bakery hours. The books are still here (or on order) but I’m not. Please make the digital, virtual shop work as much as possible. Your patience with me is appreciated. Thank you!


SALE! To celebrate the 4th anniversary of reprinting Picturesque Catskills by De Lisser, it is on sale for $19.95 – that’s $10 off the list price – the whole month of February. You’ll find it listed here:





Portrait and Biographical Record of Orange County, New York – Chapman Publishing Company. “The time has arrived when it becomes the duty of the people of this county to perpetuate the names of their pioneers, to furnish a record of their early settlement, and relate the story of their progress.” So wrote the compilers of this huge undertaking, whose efforts have produced an extensive collection of over 1,100 biographical sketches of the residents of Orange County, New York, at the end of the nineteenth century. In 3 vols – 5½x8½, paper, new surname index, 1460 pp.  $112.00


Ranger: North American Frontier Soldier, Volume II

By Matt Wulff. Historians of Colonial North America, particularly the military conflicts of the 17th and 18th centuries, will enjoy this look at the development of Rangers in the military organizations of the English colonies and later the United States of America. With maps, illus., and photographs.  – $32.50


The Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border Raiders and Rebels

During the Patriot War, fought between 1837 and 1842, hundreds of men on both sides of the New York-Canadian border took up arms to free Canada from supposed British tyranny. Infused with the Spirit of ’76 and inspired by the recent Texas revolution, they fought bravely in battles, skirmishes and attacks, including the November 1838 Battle of the Windmill. Many sacrificed their lives, while others became slave laborers of the British in Tasmania.  This book recalls the stories, triumphs and sacrifices of the brave on both sides of the border.  6 x 9 208 pages Over 60 Images  Paper $19.99


Wicked Mohawk Valley

By Daniel Webster. Would a decorated lawman risk his career for garden-fresh vegetables? What crime family terrorized chickens in two counties? What dastardly murder happened on Potato Hill Road? And why would anyone dare guzzle the “Creeping Death”? Be prepared to have these questions answered, and discover a dossier of some of the most notorious and unbelievable criminal cases in the history of the Mohawk Valley. From bootlegging to brothels to racketeering, local author Dennis Webster has collected the most thrilling stories of deception and mayhem within the Mohawk Valley. 6 x 9 128 pages 25 Images  Paper $19.99



The Personalities of Melvin Hill Cemetery, Phelps, Ontario County, New York  $33.00


Otsego County New York Geographical and Historical: From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time With County and Township Maps From Original Drawings $15.00



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