A Photographer in the Hudson Valley


In an article for the Hudson Valley & Catskill Mountain region’s pages on Examiner.com on the covered bridges of the area, I used an amazing photo of Perrine’s Bridge at dusk. It was dramatically lighted both from within and without, unlike any photo of Ulster County’s historic covered bridge I’ve ever seen. I found it on a public tourism website and assumed I could use it to illustrate my article.

It turns out the website didn’t have the right to use it! The photographer asked for it to be removed from there, and asked them to contact me for removal also. During the course of straightening out the rights mess I got to know the photographer. Getting permission to use the photograph in question was no problem John Fischer is really a great guy! What I learned was that besides having a very good eye, he has quite an interesting life . . .

John Fischer grew up in the Hudson Valley, in the Ulster County Town of Tillson. For seventeen years he absorbed the beauty of the area without really noticing it. Then, as many matriculating students do, he went off to attend college. First stop, Virginia. From there he rarely came back. Until now, that is.

Then student, now part-time photographer, John Fischer recently returned to capture the gorgeous scenery he remembered in the Hudson Valley. In the months he has to devote to this project he is reacquainting himself with many friends and places of his youth as he takes some stunning photographs.

Viewing John’s website – www.photographycasa.com – you can see what a good eye he has, elevating even the mundane things we rarely notice to the level of art. With a fresh look, perhaps one gleaned by his absence, he captures what the rest of us may just have overlooked. If nothing else, his images remind us of why we live and vacation here.

To see a slide show of his photographs and read the entire interview, please visit my Hudson Valley & Catskill Mountain Guide page on Examiner.


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