Two of my travel articles are included in another travel book collection!

I just found out – Two of my travel articles are included in another travel book collection! While I’m thrilled to have my writing so highly thought of that it has been chosen to be part of this collection, I have mixed feelings about finding out about it after it was published.

At least the first collection actively discussed compensation before selection and then sent me a final draft for approval. (Follow this link to read all about this exciting collection:

The only reason I’m notified about this new one is they want me to review it. I guess my “compensation” is a free copy of the $2.99 ebook! Below is a copy of the “very personal” email I received (edited to protect the innocent – me!) . . .

Dear Author,

We are proud to announce the publication of our travel ebook. And we’re pleased to include your story and photos in the book!

We would like to make a request and give you a copy. Would you mind visiting the link below and giving the book a review?

( Amazon link deleted )

  We would like to send you a gift certificate to read the book on a Kindle, Nook, or an iPhone. If you can reply to this email tell us you’re willing to do a quick review, then tell us which device would be best for you. We will send you the gift certificate.

  Thank you for being a part of the ___ travel writer’s family. We hope you enjoy the ebook.

 Assistant Editor

Now, it turns out two of my articles were included – with my photos. I have no agreement or understanding about my work being used this way, and have received no offer of compensation.On top of that, one of the articles was just published in the first travel collection. I know it is a piece of very good writing, but should it really be in two collections published a month apart? (Especially if one is paying me and one is not?) I don’t think so.

There are gray areas here, but the bottom line – I was never paid for the work and never asked about including it in a collection. I don’t think that’s right.


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