WILL WORK (luxury travel) FOR FOOD


It occurred to me the other day that is exactly what my job is: travel the globe to first-class destinations featuring the finest cuisine. I stay in the best rooms of four-star hotels, enjoying the spas and other amenities. Then I interview the chefs. I’ll sample their food, noting their innovative techniques and various wine pairings. The whole time I’ll be taking extensive notes and 100s of photographs. I have a blast!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough gig, but somebody has to do it! That somebody is me.

Over the course of the last decade I was invited to:

Cook at the Culinary Institute of America: CIA BOOT CAMP
Eat in Spain: The Ultimate Tapas Party,  Santiago de Compostella – A Foodie’s City , When Food is Art,  Edible Books & The Food & Wine of Alcala
Dine in Mexico: Dinner at Las Ventanas at Paraíso
In Macau: Lunch in Macau
In Colombia: Guandu
And in Rio de Janeiro: Le Pre CatalanEating Rio:
I also reviewed food & wine books; “Chocolate Bliss”  “Good, Better, Best Wines” 

I’ve also eaten my way around France, Italy, and Ecuador, as well as the United States.

All these invitations (and so many more!) were from folks who wanted me to use my expertise to promote their destinations and culinary prowess. Naturally, I was more than happy to oblige.  Recently I was invited to Quebec to taste the specialties from a section of the world I haven’t visited before.  Their food and hospitality are legendary, so I can’t wait to go!

Drop me a line if you have a destination, resort, or restaurant you want me to cover. I’m always interested in new experiences to write about. It keeps life interesting while allowing me to fulfill my obligations to the various travel and food websites that publish my articles. See: www.globalfoodie.com www.gather.com  www.travelingboy.com and EDGE Publications


About richardfrisbie

I'm a professional baker, reader, bookseller, publisher, columnist, photographer, cook, hiker, kayaker, freelance writer, and workaholic who likes to garden
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