Hope Farm Press September 2012 NY Books Newsletter

2012 September Vol XIV Issue IX

New York State Books Newsletter

from Richard Frisbie of Hope Farm Press




The summer passed so quickly I couldn’t keep up with these missives. Besides the bookshop, I’ve been filling in for other’s vacations at Hudson Valley Dessert Company, chairing often contentious Historic Review Board meetings (It’s amazing how often people try to put a modern edgy look on a business in a 150 year old building, in an almost 30 year old National Register Historic District.) getting ready for Saugerties Pro Musica’s September 16th opening concert (Palisades Virtuosi – a classical quartet) and attempting to enjoy a tiny particle of the summer while maintaining my house and recovering from another bout with Lyme Disease. WHEW! I think I’m looking forward to summer’s end so I can rest! (That’s not likely to happen.)


My involvement as the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain guide for examiner.com is growing. People subscribe to my articles about the region and events.  If you haven’t checked it out yet – please do. (FULL DISCLOSURE: My income is determined by the number of visitors to the site and how many subscribe.) The page is all about a region you’re most likely interested in, so please click below and subscribe to my articles. http://www.examiner.com/hudson-valleycatskills-in-new-york/richard-frisbie


Sept 8-12 I’m away on another foreign culinary tour. Sorry to miss you when you are in the neighborhood, but I couldn’t say no. I’ll be meeting the artists, artisanal cheese makers, brewers, millers, and visiting top hotels and restaurants for a full immersion into the food & culture of Charlevoix, Canada.


Below you’ll find some surprising old periodicals for sale and a long list of the new books that have come in over the last few months. There’s more to come, so get them while I’ve got them! The books are still here (with more on order) but I’m not. Please make the digital, virtual shop work as much as possible. Your patience with me is appreciated. Thank you!



THE DUTCHESS – (30 issues) – the genealogical quarterly from the Dutchess County Genealogical Society – used copies available. Originally published quarterly from June 1973, I have the first issue- June 1973 (missing 2nd-4th quarter) and the yrs 1974-1981 complete (volumes #2 through #8) ending with  Summer 1981. A total of 30 separate issues offered at $150. (<- That’s a GREAT price!)

OLDE ULSTER Magazine – (94 issues) – was issued each month from Jan 1905 to Dec 1914. It contains a wealth of genealogical and biographical data available nowhere else. Only 400 were printed and complete sets (all 120 monthly copies) are rare. Volumes I & II were reprinted and sold as individual volumes for $30 ea. The last originals I sold went for $8 an issue. I offer February, October and December 1905, November 1906, and from July 1907 through December 1914 complete – 94 volumes. The later years, especially 1913 & 1914, are difficult to find because subscriptions dropped off towards the end of the run, so this is an unusual collection with all the rarest copies. About half the issues have original covers, the others do not. 3 or 4 pages are loose (one ripped in half) but generally these are in very good condition. $595 for all 94 originals. (<- That’s a GREAT price! A reprint of one issue – June 1910 –  is on Amazon right now for $15.95!)  The complete Tables of Contents for Olde Ulster 1905 – 1914 is here: http://www.hopefarm.com/oldulstr.htm




Condensed History of the 143d Regiment (Sullivan County) New York Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 1861-1865

Don’t be confused by the title, this is the complete reprint of the original 1909 publication, which was titled “Condensed”, not a condensed reprint of the original, with complete regimental roster service history of every member of the unit (some were from Tompkins County) and a full index. With b&w officer’s photos, 239 pages 6×9 paperback $19.95

WICKED NIAGARA The Sinister Side of the Niagara Frontier

By Lorna Macdonald Czarnota. These are the tales told in whispers, the stories that go beyond the beautiful landscape and majestic architecture and far below the rocky terrain of the Niagara Gorge.  A Canadian invasion, a mafia stronghold, madness, murder and savagery are all detailed in this revealing look into Niagara’s sordid past. 6×9 126 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99

ETHAN ALLEN & the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga America’s First Victory

By Richard B. Smith. Meet the men who answered freedom’s call to arms in the spring of 1775, and discover the risks, obstacles and adventures they encountered on the road to Fort Ti. 6×9 127 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99

WICKED ULSTER COUNTY Tales of Desperadoes, Gangs & More

By A.J. Schenkman. From murders and mobs to an alligator in the Ellenville sewer, these are Ulster County’s most wicked stories. The unsavory characters and immoral events of more than a century ago that sullied Ulster’s good name are all documented here..  6×9 123 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99


By Dennis Webster and Bernadette Peck. This book, part of the Haunted America Series from History Press, explores the supernatural encounters along the Mohawk River as it winds through the bucolic valley in upstate and central New York. From the Revolutionary era to modern times, these haunted places refuse to be denied – read why. 6×9 109 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99

ADIRONDACK ROOTS Stories of Hiking, History and Women

By Sandra Weber. Investigate legends, tramp trails, ascend mountains and experience the feeling of the wilderness as the author presents this rich and diverse collection of reflections on the Adirondacks. Women’s feats, the naming of mountain peaks and the fight to save forests and alpine plants all combine to define America’s enduring bond with the region. 6×9 126 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99

THE BRONX RIVER An Environmental and Social History

By Maarten de Kadt. From Valhalla to the East River, all 23 miles of the Bronx River are steeped in history and lore from the first settlers to the present day. After reading this book you will never look at the Bronx River the same way again. This is an engrossing history of a largely forgotten New York City waterscape. 6×9 155 pages b&w photos maps  paperback $19.99

GHOSTS AND LEGENDS of Lake Champlain

By Thea Lewis. Remnants of Lake Champlain’s past remain along its shores which were the site of dark and mysterious events. This book, part of the Haunted America Series from History Press, explores the otherworldly inhabitants, hauntings and unidentified creatures in the lake and surrounding forests that litter the otherwise serenely beautiful landscape.  6×9 126 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99

FIRE ISLAND Heroes and Villains on Long Island’s Wild Shore

By Jack Whitehouse. The exquisite natural beauty of one of the most famous and picturesque seashores in America is only eclipsed by the fascinating stories of its past. Dashing heroes and dastardly scoundrels left their mark on this pristine landscape. From Captain Kidd’s ‘lost’ treasure to the inspiration for Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, the incredible stories of Fire Island’s most memorable characters are compiled here. 6×9 126 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99


By Cheri L. Farnsworth. The dark and sordid history of the North Country, when duels, tramp camps, “wild man” sightings and horse thieves competed for the public’s attention with the region’s natural beauty, and won! This carefully researched compilation of the region’s most wicked stories may surprise you today, but they were once the headlines in the local and national newspapers. 6×9 126 pages b&w photos  paperback $19.99



#There’s an updated edition of the Fire Towers of the Catskills due out soon.

#I’m often in the bookshop afternoons from 2:30 to 5:30



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