When is ‘a good day to die’?

I always thought that it is a good day if you can sit up in bed, take a deep breath and put your feet on the floor. But, what type of day is it when the next thing you do is read your obituary?

Thanks to Google Alerts, every time “Richard Frisbie” appears on the web I get notified. Today I received an email telling me that “Richard James Frisbie Of Susquehanna, PA” age 55 (my full name but not my age or address – thank goodness!) passed on Feb. 16!

That was eerie to read, to say the least. I am sorry for the large family that lost a loved one, but so glad it was not my family. Or so I thought at first. Reading the obituary, I saw that he (I?) was predeceased by a great grandmother, Violet Frisbie. My grandfather had a sister named Violet, with violet eyes! No one else in my family has violet eyes, (I wish I did!) so that could be the clue to how close a relative we were, this other R J Frisbie and I.

But I won’t bother his family in their time of loss. I know all the Frisbie/ee/y families are related, we just spell our names differently. How related we are remains to be seen. As for how accurate the obituary is – I’m glad I lived to write about it.

Obituary For: Richard J. Frisbie | Hennessey’s Funeral Home, Inc.
Richard James Frisbie Of Susquehanna, PA Richard J. Frisbie, 55, of West Main St. Susquehanna, PA, passed away Saturday, February 16, 2013, at the Robert


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