Wedding Bills – does having more disposable income mean gays have to throw it away?

In the past decade on the marriage front gays went from being discriminated against by denying their right to marriage, to being discriminated against and targeted by the wedding hucksters as the population with the most disposable income. Somehow the LGBT community sees the change as positive even though both are discrimination. Suddenly gay weddings are a hot market. It’s called “Follow the money.”

The same curious reverse polarity happened in the travel industry, real estate and countless other areas where gays went from being vilified as pariahs to being courted. The reason? Gays are statistically identified as being of higher income with fewer expenses than their straight, married with children counterparts. It’s all about disposable income. Gays have the money!

It follows that society’s widespread acceptance of same sex marriage has more to do with money than progressive enlightenment. Once the LGBT community was identified as a valuable demographic, capitalism changed the tide of sentiment – gays won! And, sadly, they went along with it as if the end justified the means. The latest evidence of this phenomenon is the gay wedding market.

According to Pew Research at least 71,165 same sex weddings have been performed in the US since (or in California’s case, while) they were legal. A search of gay weddings on Google returns 75,700,000 hits, or more than 1000 websites for each wedding. The average number of guests at a same sex wedding (in NYC) is 36, for now, far less than a straight wedding’s 70 guests.

All this is simply to point out that there are ways to get married to your same sex partner without falling into the trap created for straight weddings. While size may matter in the bedroom, bigger is not better in the wedding category. Right now the cost of same sex weddings in the US average $9,034 each while straight weddings hit more than $21,000. But the gap is narrowing as all those websites market bigger (read that more expensive) weddings to equality-hungry gays. Soon, the average number of guests in straight or gay weddings (and therefore the cost) will be the same unless we stop this trending insanity.

Listen up folks. Weddings don’t have to be expensive. Consider saving your money for philanthropic purposes, or just blowing it on a fantastic honeymoon. The point is, you don’t have to enrich someone else to get married. Don’t throw your disposable income away trying to keep up with the Joneses. Spend it on a lifetime commitment, not on an expensive wedding.


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