New film, Stand In, is a comedy/drama with heart

There’s a new comedy/drama called “Stand-In”, about modern life and the issues young women face balancing careers and relationships as they navigate their uncharted journey through adulthood. Vincent Parker and Elizabeth Drake, who stars in the film and is his partner, have created, written and are the Executive Producers of the pilot film “Stand In” which was filmed this week in New York.  Hopefully this will air in the near future on either the regular broadcast channels or cable.

A synopsis of the film:
“Stand-In” is based on a young woman’s journey in the constantly evolving world of urban twenty first century womanhood.
The protagonist, Sara, is faced with challenging choices that all women face in regards to career versus family. The caveat to Sara’s choices is that her career hasn’t really taken off yet, making the choice to commit to a career far more of a gamble.
Although a classically trained actor, Sara is working as a stand-in for a mediocre television series where the characters are but caricatures of the real human condition. This irony however is never lost on Sara, and it captures the theme of the show as a whole, for as the title suggests, Sara is conscious and fearful that she may just be standing in on one life as opposed to living another.
Sara’s choices, although seemingly basic and easily identifiable, are far more complex for anyone conscious. One of her choices is marrying the “ideal man” who loves her almost unconditionally, and wants to move her out to the suburbs to start a family. Her alternative choice is to forge on in what may be evolving into a dead-end career. Looming behind these already difficult choices is a family history of breast cancer, which haunts Sara as her mother is presently dying from the disease.
Despite the seriousness or the gravity of these issues, the series has considerable humor, as does life, as we continue to press on optimistically, and in many ways heroically, finding comfort in love, friendship and dreams while facing all of these obstacles and the consequences of our choices.

If this synopsis has piqued your interest, you can learn more at the website  Once there, click on the lines on the upper right corner to see the drop boxes which detail the story, cast, characters,crew, gallery, the shoot, and other information.

Full Disclosure: Vincent Parker, besides being a great school teacher and all-around good guy, is my cousin.


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