Vinegar Braised Chicken


For a couple of years I’ve been making my own red wine vinegar. But, since my SO prefers apple cider vinegar, I’m always searching for recipes that help me to use up all my very tasty, homemade vinegar.  It goes in my bbq sauce, my mustard, and now in this go-to braised chicken recipe from Bon Appétit.

This dinner almost cooks itself. It had to. I was outside gardening on May Day. (Where else would one be on May 1?) And rather than follow the recipe as written, which would mean shopping for ingredients I didn’t have, I substituted what I did have.  Turns out, it is a very forgiving recipe.


You can follow the link above to read the whole recipe. This is just what I changed.

Instead of 4 chicken legs I used a whole 4 lb chicken, quartered.

Instead of 4 medium shallots I used one large onion.

Instead of 8 dried shiitake mushrooms I used 8 oz of fresh white mushrooms.

Instead of 2 3-inch cinnamon sticks I used ½ tsp cinnamon.

Instead of 1 red chile I used a jalapeño.

Instead of 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth I used the whole 14.5 oz can.

The other 8 ingredients I had.

Then, of course, I also altered the directions for 2 reasons: I’m lazy and I didn’t want to eat all that fat. That meant using only one pan and separating the liquid. So I browned the chicken in the Dutch oven and simmered it with the herbs and spices in the vinegary broth as they said to do. While the chicken cooked I simmered a multi-grain rice mix so both were done at the same time. I set the rice to warm while I rested the chicken on a plate, separating out the solids from the broth and removing the fat. Putting the chicken back in the Dutch oven I crisped and browned it under the broiler. Then the chicken was back on its plate in the now warm oven while I reduced the defatted braising liquid.


The bowls for the chicken & rice were warmed in the oven, too, while the plates had a small salad built on them. To serve – place the hot bowls on the room temperature salad plates, put the rice in the bowl, add a piece of chicken and a large serving of the reserved solids and pour a generous amount of broth over them.

Cooking & prep was about 2 hours, most of it unattended. The vinegar braised chicken looked good, smelled great and tasted fantastic! Thank you Bon Appétit!




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