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Writing outlets update

Many of you know I’ve added Professional Baker to my bio, (Now, besides touring top kitchens, I cook in one!) but the news that my friends at Travelingboy.com finally made room for me on their masthead is NEWS! I’m busy, … Continue reading

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All Modesty Aside

Writing Your Own Bio Isn’t Easy Recently I was accepted as a contributing journalist for the travel website Travelingboy.com One of the hardest things I had to do to achieve that status was write my own bio. I’m a quiet, … Continue reading

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Portugal Rocks

Yes, I’m still here in Portugal. The wine growing region of Beira has me intranced. The local sausages (a version of morcella, or blood sausage) and farinheira (a grain-rich sausage) are pairing well with the wines, and sit well in … Continue reading

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Crossroads at Work

My part time job at Hudson Valley Dessert Company just got more interesting. I started at 2 half days baking. Now I’m doing 2 full days baking, and 2 days baking and cooking, with 2 more days up in the air. Meaning, if … Continue reading

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Strangest One Star Michelin Dinner – Ever!

All right, maybe I’m jaded, but I just had a fantastic dinner – GREAT flavors, composition and taste – perhaps one of the best ever. And (I hear you comment ) still you complain. You be the judge: I order “Sot … Continue reading

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For four years I’ve published 2 culinary articles a month for Gather.com under the title they picked for me: RICHARD FRISBIE. http://www.gather.com/viewPostsByMember.action?memberId=17461&nav=MyGather In return they deposited money into my PayPal account twice a month. That position enabled me to have … Continue reading

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