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WILL WORK (luxury travel) FOR FOOD

It occurred to me the other day that is exactly what my job is: travel the globe to first-class destinations featuring the finest cuisine. I stay in the best rooms of four-star hotels, enjoying the spas and other amenities. Then … Continue reading

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From The Grand Canyon To The Great Wall: Travelers´ Best, Worst And Most Ridiculous Stories From The Road

A NEW collection of travel writing that includes 4 profiles I wrote of regular Frenchmen (and women) making a difference in this world on the 90th anniversary of WW I. From the outlandish and unimaginable to the routine and universal, … Continue reading

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France & US in WWI Remembered On Veteran’s Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the War to end all wars was declared over. 93 years later we celebrate November 11th as Veteran’s Day, a memorial to all soldiers, living and … Continue reading

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Wine of the Devil

If you are a champagne and sparkling wine lover, you’ve probably heard a tarted-up story of how Dom Pérignon invented Champagne. It goes something like this: Discovering that some of the wine he made had fermented a second time in … Continue reading

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I write cruise destination excursions for places I haven’t been . . . Begin your tour this morning with a scenic drive to Le Castellet, a typical Provencal hilltop village. Perched on wooded hills above the vineyards, this remarkable stronghold … Continue reading

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Reims is one of those French cities that was 80% destroyed in WWI when the Germans isolated the city and artillery rained down. The Cathedral, the Basilica, and most other buildings – including residences – were left in ruins. The people … Continue reading

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Strangest One Star Michelin Dinner – Ever!

All right, maybe I’m jaded, but I just had a fantastic dinner – GREAT flavors, composition and taste – perhaps one of the best ever. And (I hear you comment ) still you complain. You be the judge: I order “Sot … Continue reading

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The Owl of Dijon

A lesson in tourism from Dijon, France. First – decide what you are going to feature. In the case of Dijon, it was their historic sites in the old part of the city. Second –  find a local symbol, a recognizable … Continue reading

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Brie en croûte with French Preserves

In culinary circles, the French term “en croûte” translates as “in a crust.”  It refers to any food wrapped in pastry and baked. I’ve used it here in reference to a wheel of brie baked for New Years Day. Modern … Continue reading

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